Spring/Fall Cleanup

Don't waste your free time raking leaves and pruning shrubs. Call on Padilla All Season Services LLC for fall cleanup services in the Fort Collins, CO area. We can remove leaves, branches, trash, and debris from your yard to keep it looking its best throughout the upcoming months. If you need us to trim and water your plants, our crew can handle that, too.

You can trust us to keep your landscape looking its best throughout autumn. Call 970-893-2901 right away to schedule fall cleanup services.

Padilla All Season Services can handle all of your fall cleanup needs in Fort Collins, CO and surrounding areas. Our fall cleanup services can:

  • Help get rid of annoying insects
  • Help keep your grass, shrubs, and trees healthy
  • Keep people from tripping on branches and slipping on leaves
  • Ensure that you're complying with HOA guidelines
Contact us immediately to get fall cleanup services.

Weed Control

Don't let invasive weeds take over your landscaping and wreak havoc on your lawn. Call on Padilla All Season Services LLC for weed control services in Fort Collins, CO and surrounding areas. We can spray a safe and effective weed killer around your property to kill harmful weeds and keep them from springing up again. You can rely on our experienced crew to eradicate a wide variety of harmful weeds without damaging the plants you love.

We can keep weeds out of your lawn, gardens, much beds and flower beds. Contact us right away to get weeding services.

Padilla All Season Services offers weed control services in the Fort Collins area. The herbicides we spray will kill off the weeds on your property. You should remove weeds right away because they can:

  • Ruin the appearance of your yard
  • Rob your soil and plants of water and essential nutrients
  • Encourage insect infestations
  • Reduce your crop yield
Are weeds spreading like a wildfire around your yard? Call 970-893-2901 now to schedule weeding services.

Summer Mowing

When you work hard all week, you deserve to spend your free time relaxing. Padilla All Season Services LLC can cross one item off your to-do list with our lawn mowing services. We'll set up a recurring schedule to help you stay on top of your lawn maintenance.

With over 20 years of experience, you can feel confident that you'll be left with an immaculate yard. We also offer worry-free lawn care services plans. Contact us today to personalize your mowing and lawn care plan.

Lawn mowing services do more than save you time. When you hire a professional mowing company, you can:

  • Boost your curb appeal
  • Maintain a healthy lawn
  • Lessen physical stress on your body

Ready to enjoy all of the above benefits? Schedule an appointment with our team right away to get started. Be sure to ask about our VA discounts.


Are you wondering why your lawn isn't a rich, green color like your neighbor's yard? Padilla All Season Services LLC can give you the lush, green grass you've been craving with our residential and commercial fertilization services.

With over 20 years of experience, we have the skill and attention to detail needed to ensure your entire lawn is properly fertilized. Schedule an appointment with our fully insured lawn care company today. And don't forget to ask about our VA discounts.

Fertilizer can help with a variety of lawn issues. Consider getting fertilization services if your lawn:

1. Sprouts mushrooms
2. Takes on a yellow tint
3. Is growing slower than normal

Our team offers worry-free lawn care plans, so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without the stress. Reach out to us today to create your personalized plan.


Between backyard parties and outdoor playdates, your family gets a lot of use out of your yard during the summer months. However, all this use can compact your soil, making it hard for water, air and nutrients to reach grass roots. Padilla All Season Services LLC can keep your grass healthy with our aeration services.

We'll revitalize your yard and ensure your grass grows greener and healthier. We even offer worry-free lawn care service plans. To learn more, contact our team today.

Lawn aeration is helpful for any family that uses their yard heavily. However, you may also need aeration services if your yard:

  • Feels spongy
  • Dries out easily
  • Has undergone a sod installation

Our company is fully insured and has over 20 years of experience, so you can rest assured when you trust us with your lawn. Reach out to us today to set up an appointment. And make sure to ask about our VA discounts.